by Michael Laurence Tyler

Selection from Sow the Seeds

I have seen the landscapes of gruesome and great,

And have walked in valleys of love and hate.

I have trudged through swamps and tripped on blunders,

And conquered mountains to view my wonders.

I have braved violent storms on malevolent seas,

And confessed in forests with unfeeling trees.

I have bathed in streams that wash away tears,

And laid in meadows that hush away fears.

I have fallen down hills and broken dreams,

And wailed in deserts with silent screams.

I have baptized in fields at Dawn’s arrival,

And fished from rivers that fed my survival.

I state not these things to vent or boast.

I’m no worse than many, no better than most.

I offer them solely for this understanding — -

We are made from the peaceful and the demanding:

We are where we are going, and where we have gone.

We are what we are doing, and what we have done.

We are what we’ve been given, and what we have earned.

We are what we don’t know, and what we have learned.

We are all we convey, and all we conceal.

We are all that we hurt, and all that we heal.

We are acts warm and tender, cold and extreme.

We are what we despair, and what we still dream.

We are who we’ve forgotten, and who we now know.

We are what we’re still holding, and what we’ve let go.

We are who we have been, and whom we’ll conceive.

We are what we suspect, and what we believe.

So be worthy of praise or charged to be damned,

I have come to be the “Me” that I am,

And neither bolstered by pride or broken with shame.

What I have become, I accept and I claim.

Special advisor to leaders, recipient of NBA Championship ring for her role as special advisor to the President, GM and Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors.

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